Melbourne based artist

RMIT University BA Fine Art 1980 - 83  

RMIT University Graduate Diploma Painting 1984  

Melbourne College of Advanced Education, Graduate Diploma of Education 1985

Born in Sydney, educated in Melbourne. Then moved to and worked in tropical Far North Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, before returning to Melbourne in 1999. 

Taught Painting at various Qld tertiary institutions including:

University of the Sunshine Coast,

Cooloola TAFE

Cairns TAFE.


David McCubbin says: 

"..... On canvas, the visual realm is absorbed and reflected as a grand abstraction. Her artworks pulse to a deeply absorbing rhythm. It’s the microscopic meets the macroscopic, and the universal, hidden in between. Jill has a Pre-Raphaelite eye. All objects, faces, animals, plants, are converted to the same scale, and within this spatial relativity they acquire unity, as a complete entity. Her typography is to condense the competing influences of humanity, and whatever we call “modernism” back to a pre-civilised type, to pose the question “who is civilised”?

That’s why we have this Mayan, Egyptian, Roman, (insert your own favourite era here) Mediaeval short-hand, at work. It is why these images are so captivating. Everything is distilled within her eye, to the same value and becomes, in essence, a patterned mosaic. Two-dimensional, stencil-like, yet deeply layered, and almost tactile.  A tapesty, or the deeply worked intasia1] of early renaissance carving.  The decorative impulse is condensed. And the painting is drawing, converted to a linear and stylistic code. And the association we might share for faces, people and the familiar, is thrown back at us, stylised, altered, simplified. And yet, deeply ingrained. Objects within Jill's ouevre become granular, etched, and  fabric-like. Looking at her work is like rediscovering geology. The further we  peel, the more we might find about ourselves, and need to peel some more. And yet the more we peel, the more frustrating the experience becomes because we never leave the start position in the first place. Jill implores us not be over-analytical, but to absorb oneself and allow the association, however it may take us, to take hold. Jill's genius is to make something so complex, appear simple. No business management consultant out there would know where to begin. A white paper bureaucrat would be flummoxed, and plead where’s the metric?  And a politician would despair at the lightness, humour and eloquence, that cannot be condensed and encapsulated into a one second sound-byte.  Jill's world is to invite us to participate in the beauty of living things."  David McCubbin 2019


Jacqueline Houghton says:

"....the works pulsate with gestural energy. Freed from perspective considerations, figurative and geometric elements conjoin in a spatial ambiguity that generates visual intrigue. Surfaces alive with colour, tactile linear markings and strange, symbolic creatures ensure the viewer's participation."

Jacqueline Houghton 2019


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